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Craft Brew Creative Debuts Ecommerce Beer Label Platform, Craft Label Co.

Craft Brew Creative Debuts Ecommerce Beer Label Platform, Craft Label Co. New platform aims to make beer label design more affordable and more efficient

Portland, Ore., May 19, 2020 – Craft Brew Creative, a Portland, OR-based branding and design studio, is debuting Craft Label Co., an ecommerce platform that  streamlines how breweries brand their beer cans and crowlers. Breweries can visit Craft Label Co.’s website, select from a variety of beer packaging label templates, upload their logo, and adjust the design to reflect their brand. Once ordered, Craft Label Co. provides a mock-up of the label on a 3D can for the customer’s approval within 48 hours. Craft Label Co. also  offers to connect with the customer’s printing provider to ensure that the design meets the exact specifications of the label and provide any additional support as needed.

“More than sixty percent of consumers say packaging is an important part of their beer-buying decision, making can labels one of the most important assets breweries have when their beer is on the shelf or in the cooler,” said Ryan Wheaton, founder and designer of Craft Label Co. “However, getting a label designed can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s just for one label. We aim to disrupt that model with a flat rate option that will save breweries ninety percent of what they’re currently paying for designs.”

The Craft Label Co. website currently has 13 design templates available with limitless customization options and more templates coming soon. 

“We keep the designs affordable by using a royalty-free license similar to stock photography,” said Wheaton. “With multiple customization options available, 13 templates can yield thousands of design varieties. In addition to our flat rate one-time use option, breweries will also be able to purchase exclusive rights to a template, or we can connect them with Craft Brew Creative for a completely custom design.”

About Craft Label Co.

Craft Label Co. aims to save breweries thousands of dollars while helping them still look hot on the shelf. As the top ecommerce platform dedicated to streamlining the purchasing and customization of beer label designs, Craft Label Co. is disrupting how breweries brand their beer cans and crowlers. For more information, visit